The name of the organization:

Hungarian Association of Driving Instructors and Driving Schools (JASZKOE)

 The aims of the association:

o       Carrying out the representation of interests of driving instructors and employees on the field of driving education within frameworks. Making the social prestige of the teaching activity higher.

o       Coordination of the self-employers, legal entities, companies without legal personality, hereinafter referred to as <Instructors> for standardized legal opinions, and for carrying out the same high level education

o       For keeping our Instructors’ knowledge (professional, law, general) up-to-date, we organize refresher courses

o       General representation of interests of the members, help in individual cases

o       Organizing consultancies in the field of profession, law, book-keeping, taxes, and representation of interests if needed.

o       Assure the continual information flow in the field of profession and indispensable current affairs with operating a own information system. (latest laws, etc.)

o       Active proposal for rising the level of education with using the association’s experiences. Hereby the improvement of traffic safety and  moral and the proposal of law composing or law modification.



   Járművezető-Szakoktatók és Képzőszervek Országos Egyesülete   ¤   1039 Budapest, Szent János u.16.   ¤     Tel.: 06/1-317-1706    ¤